Films are becoming increasingly important in marketing communication. Especially online.


Movies capture visitors and demonstrably extend the time spent on your homepage many times over. They convey all your important messages, the quality of your products, services and solutions clearly and effectively in a single medium.


For modern, innovative companies it is essential to communicate products and services trustworthily and sustainably to their target groups. The same applies to the company philosophy or image.


That's what films do! They are able to convey content both rationally and emotionally. This combination creates sympathy and thus anchors a brand, its contents and values in the minds of people.






  • Full service film productions - from the idea to the finished film, everything from one source.
  • Image films, product films, advertising, animations, time-lapse and much more.
  • Your contents in a gripping dramaturgy.
  • Clear aesthetics, high quality pictures, emotional shots - of course in 4K (UHD).
  • For your marketing on all channels. (advertising, homepage, social media, fairs, customer meetings etc.)



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